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Welcome to our PTA!


(and you're lovely!)

Who we are:
A group of parents and teachers who get together once a month to organise events. Our main aim is to raise funds for the school, though we do run other events to provide enjoyment for the children or an opportunity for parents to get together.
Why do we exist?
Our school would not have the facilities it currently enjoys if it was not for the PTA. Quite simply, the funding Templepatrick Primary School & Nursery Unit receives barely covers essential items and if we want the best for our children it is up to us to provide the extras which make our school one of the best equipped in this area.
What does the PTA do?
To raise money, we run events such as the Christmas and Summer Fayres, Fashion Show etc and an annual non-uniform day.
For the childrens’ enjoyment we organise Christmas parties and discos and a leaving event for the P7 pupils.

We also have our Quiz, Social Evening dinner and support the school by providing tea/coffee when required at different events.
What is the money raised used for?
Recent items we have funded include the play equipment in the playgrounds, the outdoor classroom and garden, interactive whiteboards in the classrooms, reading books and musical instruments. If Mr Cromie identifies a need we do our best to supply the funding.
Why should I get involved?
Mr Cromie and all the staff here work hard to provide all our children with the best educational experience possible. 
This could not be achieved without the funds provided by the PTA.

We have had many successful fundraising events in the past but this success has only been achieved by the hard work and dedication of a number of people. Now we really need new members with fresh ideas and enthusiasm as, even though our school has over 400 pupils there is only a small number of parents involved with the PTA.   This obviously limits the events we can run and will affect what we can provide for the school so we would appeal to you to get involved.
Sometimes the perception of an organisation like the PTA from those not involved is that there are lots of people with more time than they have to do whatever is required. In our school unfortunately this is not the case—we all have many family and work commitments but our PTA really needs parents to represent every class in the school—can you help?