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Homework books for Literacy, Numeracy, Spelling and Reading have been sent home. Homework should be done in these books as usual, but books should not return to school until further notice.


We will be uploading answers for all homeworks by Wednesday of each week, We would like homeworks to be marked at home and then uploaded to Google Classroom. There will be a Google Classroom homework assignment each week, to which completed homeworks can be uploaded. We will go through the upload process in school with the pupils, and upload a help video here.


If there is any difficulty with a homework, please add a comment on the pupil's work. Feedback on homework will be mostly verbal in class, unless there are any difficulties.


This is a trial week for homework for P7, as we are starting homework a week earlier than the rest of the school. Please make sure that homework is done in your book as normal, and try your best to get it uploaded by Friday of this week. We will iron out any issues as we go along!


Please note : all of this is subject to change as we work out the best solution for the conditions.


Mr Alcorn & Mr Shaw


Hello everyone,


Below you will find a PDF document that should help you to log in to your new Google Classroom. Please note that we have NOT reset your password if you have already managed to log on. If you ever find that your password is not working, try the one in the pdf!


Your username is the same as it was last year. Hopefully you can still remember it, but if you can't your teacher will remind you.


If you can remember your username, your new password is attached in the PDF so please give it a go. If you get logged on, have a look through the posts and comment "FOUND IT!" on the FOUND IT post! If you can't get logged on, let us know as soon as possible in class and we'll get you sorted!


Requests from other email addresses will no longer be accepted and only children from within each class with a c2k username will be able to enter the rooms.




Mr Alcorn

Welcome back P7. Here's a wee document that it would be useful to look over before you come back. And even after as well! There's also a video of all the Key Stage 2 staff to take a wee look at. Hope you're all well, see you soon!

Welcome back to P7 @ TPS 2020

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