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Year 6

Group 2 work for week beg 27th April


Warm Up Work - Maths

Warm up Work.

Welcome to the "Working from Home" page for P6 C/G + P6 CC


We have included some work on these pages to help keep you on track with your learning in case you can't make it in to school in the next few weeks. 


We we have tried to suggest in which order work should be done, week 1, week 2 etc but feel free to select what you want to do and when. We may update this section in light of events.

WEEK 1 - Maths

EXTRA - If you are bored and have nothing to do ....

Remember - you have the following things to do.


VIKING Booklet - go through and complete.

Viking Research - Research a Viking God and make a fact file about them

Viking Long House for Sale - We had discussed this in class - you are a Norse Estate Agent - trying to put an advert together to convince people to buy the long house house. Think of the language used and investigate the website for examples !


READING : it is one of the best things you can do - so do some extra reading and record it in your reading record.


We have also included a few extra bits of work below to keep you ticking over !

We love poetry in P6! Here are a selection of poems we wrote entitled ‘When I Grow Up’. There were all sorts of hopes and dreams, including wanting to be a pilot, a builder and even a wizard!

P6 C/G enjoyed working in the UICT suite to create these graphs of their favourite things. We gathered information on everything from sweets to cars, singers to movies!

P6 love art!  Take a look at our weaving and our pictures based on the painting ‘The Golden Fish’ by Paul Klee.



We Love Living Here - Art Project with Antrim and Newtownabbey Council

Some work ....

Young enterprise come to visit P6

P6CG Healthy Eating

Dreaming of a white Christmas....

Festive Displays